Panasonic reveals the world’s first Ultra HD Premium TV

05 Jan 2016



A 65” television with the most colour accurate image Panasonic have ever produced, the first ever television to be awarded the new Ultra HD Premium standard, and a new control platform designed to unify your Smart home were all unveiled at the Panasonic CES 2016 press conference…

Ultra HD TV Premium TV

Panasonic proudly unveiled their DX900 TV at CES 2016. This is the first television in the world to be awarded the new Ultra HD Premium TV standard by the UHD Alliance. The UHD Alliance work to develop the Ultra HD format and this new standard is designed to give consumers a clear understanding of which televisions will give them the best Ultra HD experience.

The Ultra HD Premium TV standard takes into account factors such as high dynamic range, black levels and how wide the set’s colour range is. It also considers other factors, such as the TV’s audio, that affect the overall viewing experience.

Sets certified with the Ultra HD Premium TV standard combine all these factors – colour, contrast, resolution, brightness, and so on – so you get the most accurate and immersive picture possible. Even from the back of the huge conference hall where the television was unveiled, the image was still incredible, with rich and dynamic colours that made the image feel very real.

Panasonic also displayed the 4K UHD Smart OLED CZ950, a 65” TV Panasonic say gives the most colour accurate images they’ve ever made. This was developed with the help of members of the film industry, so the picture quality is as close to the director’s intent as possible.

Unite your Smart home with Ôra

We’ve seen a huge number of Smart home devices appear over the last few years. These are designed to make your life easier by letting you control all sorts of devices, from lights to baby monitors, from your Smart Phone. The one problem is many of these devices use different apps, and keeping track of which controls what can be a bit mind boggling.

Panasonic estimate there are potentially over a hundred different types of Smart home device you could be controlling. Rather than switching between apps, Panasonic have come up with a solution – control everything with just one app - Ôra

Ôra is a control platform designed to put you in charge of all your compatible smart devices, no matter what operating system they run under. This means you’ll just need to open up Ôra to change your lighting, check your Smart security cameras, change the music, even unlock the front door. You can do this all from your Smartphone, no matter where you are in the world.

We were shown a video of Ôra in action, where a couple were delayed on their way home but guests were arriving at their house for a party. Through Ora, they were able to turn on the lights, adjust the heating, speak to the guests through their security camera, let them in and start the party going before they even reached their own front door. Impressive!

Professional quality audio from Technics

Panasonic also showed off their new range of Technics audio equipment. This features everything from high-end micro Hi-Fi systems to top-of-the-range headphones.

Some of the most interesting included the Ottava all-in-one Hi-Fi. This was a CES 2016 Innovation Award winner and combines quality audio with Smart phone operation. We also got to see the Grand Class G30, an advanced Hi-Fi for professional audio quality in the home.

For the more retro among you, Panasonic revealed the next generation Technics SL1200 Grand Class turntable. This is a treat for audiophiles, bringing the best out of your vinyl records for stunning results. It also features a “dynamic drive” turntable which means you don’t get some of the variable speed issues found in older analogue turntables.

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