Samsung curved 4K TV a ´cinema for the living room´

A Hollywood cinematographer has described Samsung´s new curved 4K Ultra HD TV as being like a "condensed cinema" for your living room - here´s the story

09 Apr 2014


A Hollywood cinematographer who worked on Gladiator has described Samsung's new curved 4K Ultra HD TV as being like a "condensed cinema" for your living room.

Award-winning cinematographer John Mathieson was speaking at the UK launch of the curved UHD HU8500 on the top floor of the Gherkin - a curved, domed office building chosen to reflect the innovative curved TV.

The curved screen TVs were first seen proper at CES in Las Vegas in January, but this week's event heralded the UK launch of the 55 and 65-inch sets.

The TV also embraces another innovative technology - 4K resolution. But for now back to the curve.

Curved screen offers 'cinematic, how you see the world experience'

Samsung Curved UHD Coliseum

Guy Kinnell, head of TV AV for UK and Ireland at Samsung UK, explained how the TV offered a cinematic experience.

He said: "If you're looking for the most cinematic experience possible and a picture that's far wider, deeper and clearer than you've ever experienced then you need to check the Samsung UHD curved TV."

This was backed up experts, cinematographer Mathieson and Will Dunn from Stuff Magazine.

Mathieson described the TV as being "like a compressed, condensed cinema screen".

He said the curved screen was like "how you see the world" with the picture "wrapping around you".

Meanwhile Dunn said:  "A curved screen allows people to get much the same immersive experience even if they're sat at the side of the cinema - this does a similar kind of effect but for your sofa."

Cool - but how does the curve work? The science bit

Samsung explained how the curve works in a press release.

It read: "Designed with a 4.2m radius curvature optimized for the average viewing distance of most living rooms, it also offers a wider field of view by shortening the distance between the viewer and the screen's corners and hence creating more natural viewing angles."

Curved screens and 4K UHD - a perfect marriage?

But it was the marriage between 4K and the curve that was really getting people hot under the collar.

4K Ultra HD offers four times the resolution of regular full HD. It's widely regarded as the TV technology of 2014 - just this week Netflix announced it was beginning streaming shows in 4K.

Mathieson said the curve and 4K resolution "go hand in hand" while Guy Kinnell at Samsung explained that in "best experience you're going to get is a curved UHD TV".

Will at Stuff added: "4K is perhaps for me more important because that extra resolution is for me the next really significant development for TV technology."

Check out Tech Talk later today - when we ask the experts: curved screens - fad or future?