Samsung TV that means fighting over remote is thing of the past

Sick of fighting over the remote at home? Samsung has launched a new TV which allows two people to watch two different programmes at the same time

05 Sep 2013


Samsung has been racking up some serious headlines at the IFA tech show in Berlin.

First it wowed us with its Galaxy Gear smartwatch before knocking us bandy mere hours later with a huge ultra HD TV and an OLED set which allows two people to watch different programmes at the same time - meaning fighting over the remote is a thing of the past.  

The two TVs were among a number of sets shown off by Samsung, which also included a 110-inch UHD set and curved screen prototype which combines the two hottest TV technologies of the day - UHD and OLED.

Dixons Samsung OLED UHD Prototype

(Credit: Samsung)

And we were only just getting our breath back after the palpitations brought on by the smartwatch.

As the whopping 98-inch S9 UHD TV and the S9C OLED were unveiled the world's tech press - us included - felt its collective and rather large jaw plummet to the ground.

Ultra HD, also known as 4K, offers four times the resolution of regular HD TVs. They say the bigger the screen the better the picture, and they don't come much bigger than the new S9.

The 98-inch screen is almost 2.5 metres across, meaning football players will seem almost lifesize when you're watching a match.

It looks like Super Sundays are about to get a whole lot more super - but watch out for your other half taking a keener interest in those life-size players' legs.

And talking about football, arguments over hogging the television during match season could be a thing of the past thanks to Samsung's MultiView feature on the S9C.

Samsung S9C

(Credit: Samsung)

If you're sick of the battle between soaps and soccer leading to regular scheduling meltdowns on your sofa, this technology could bring about a new era of harmony.

The S9C, expected to cost around £7,000, boasts an OLED 55-inch curved screen, giving an arena feel in your living room.

The MultiView technology allows two people to watch two different shows on one full screen in HD or even 3D.

MultiView glasses pick up one piece of content at a time, delivering audio through a built-in ear piece.

Micheal Zoller, senior director of European Sales and Marketing, told the conference: "Two people can watch two different programmes at the same time in full HD or even in 3D with Samsung's MultiView glasses. It is like having two televisions in one."
Each pixel on the OLED screens illuminates itself, then goes pitch black when inactive to enhance the viewing experience.

Samsung also launched the S900, a UHD TV with more than eight million pixels - four times more than existing HD sets.
"Only Samsung can give you the televisions of the future already today," Mr Zoller said.

What do you think of all these new TVs, and are you all about OLED or 4K? Let us know in the comments below - and find all our current 4K TVs here.