Smart Life and TVs amaze at LG press show

LG announced a host of new TVs and home appliances at CES 2013

08 Jan 2013


LG got its press show under way on Monday by quipping 'life's good in Las Vegas', but with its new TVs, remotes and home appliances in your life I reckon it'd be just as good in Luton.

CES Press Day - LG6

I wandered the vast halls of the labyrinth-like Mandalay Bay hotel, one of hundreds of confused-looking hacks on a pilgrimage to be enlightened by LG's breakthroughs for 2013. Perhaps LG sensed we were overwhelmed by the hotel's scale, because it told us its new products were all about making our lives easier; making our lives better.

Across the top of the stage the slogan 'Touch the smart life' was emblazoned. Skott Ahn, chief technology officer of LG, defined the 'smart life' as devices which were "free and natural" and unhindered by complicated interfaces. He said consumers "shouldn't have to figure out what technologies are involved", adding it was easier to tell your TV what you want to watch rather than "pressing buttons". Enter the newly updated Magic Remote, which allows us to control our TVs in ever-more novel ways. Change channel by speaking in a natural voice rather than like a robot, or by drawing numbers in the air with just one finger.

While we're on TV innovations, OLED drew gasps from the assembled hacks with breathtaking picture quality. LG said it began global sales in January, adding it would debut an OLED at CES that'll make the TV seem "almost weightless".
LG said its flagship 55-inch OLED would begin shipping in the US in March. When it came to Ultra HD, or 4K, LG promised 65-inch and 55-inch models to snuggle up alongside the existing 84-inch undisputed daddy. The manufacturer also unveiled a 100-inch Laser TV with full smart capabilities for later this year. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it ran its TVs under the header 'breathtaking' which we think pretty much gets it spot-on.

There was also plenty of home appliance innovation with LG's One Touch system. One Touch is all about connectivity, creating a network of devices that work hard together to make our lives easier. Using NFC and smartphone technology you'll be able to control your LG home appliances remotely - think heating the oven while you're walking down the road or checking whether your fridge has milk while you're in the supermarket.

This is a rundown of the main headlines from LG's glittering press show. We'll look at areas such as TVs in closer detail once we've got up close and personal on the show floor. And as I wandered back into the vast bowels of the Mandalay, en route to the similarly huge Luxor, I wondered whether LG had a product to help me back to my room without getting lost.