The biggest and best TVs at IFA 2014

IFA - Europe´s biggest tech show - is renowned for it´s big TV launches. And this year did not fail to live up to our expectations. Here is a round up of the biggest and best TVs from IFA 2014...

Want to read about the very latest in state-of-the-art TV technology? Then read on for our guide to the best TVs at IFA 2014, Europe's biggest tech show.

We'll give you the latest on 4K UHD, 4K OLED, curved and even 8K - and let you how these technologies could revolutionise your viewing experience.

4K Ultra HD at IFA - why you should care

Samsung Curved IFA 2

(Credit: AP)

The world's top TV manufacturers are backing 4K UHD as the next big thing in TV. The technology was everywhere at IFA, with Philips, Sharp, Samsung, Toshiba, Sony and LG all incorporating it into their new releases.

4K UHD offers four times the resolution of regular HD, displaying a picture so sharp it's like looking out of a window.

And this year the TVs are becoming increasingly living-room friendly.

The two main issues with 4K UHD when it first launched were accessibility and content - sets were as big as 84 inches and cost many thousands of pounds.

This year they are becoming smaller - with 55 inches now a standard size - and more affordable.

Also, when the TVs first launched there was very little 4K content. Now many of the new sets launched at IFA have built-in 4K streaming from Netflix.

They also upscale programmes shot in full HD to near 4K quality, so you can enjoy the benefits even when watching regular TV.

4K Ultra HD TVs we loved at IFA

1) Panasonic AX900

Panasonic VIERA 65AX900 (1)

(Credit: Panasonic) 

Panasonic launched its new AX900 range at IFA - a 4K TV with a difference. It combines 4K resolution with full array local dimming.

Put simply, this feature can alter the lighting in different areas of the screen, simultaneously making one section dimmer while brightening another. Thanks to this you can expect improved contrast and an even sharper picture. 

The TV can also stream 4K content from Netflix straight out of the box thanks to the inclusion of HEVC decoding technology.

The TV comes in living-room friendly 55- and 65-inch models. 

2) Philips 9100

Philips unveiled new 4K UHD TVs that run on Google's Android operating system.

As well as boasting 4K resolution these TVs can run apps downloaded from the Google Play store. Built-in apps include Netflix and YouTube.

The Philips TVs also have clever, ambient lighting. A sensor projects coloured LED light, similar to that playing on your TV's display, onto the surrounding wall. This makes watching a movie a much more immersive experience.

The 9100 is available in 55- and 65-inch models.


3) Toshiba U Series

Toshiba also took the opportunity to launch its latest line of 4K UHD TVs in Berlin.

The U Series is another model to get the crucial HEVC decoding feature necessary to stream 4K TV shows and movies from Netflix.

It also includes backlighting technology from an existing Toshiba LED set, which further improves contrast.

However, the U Series isn't expected until 2015.

Curved TVs at IFA - why you should care

Samsung Curved UHD 8500

(Note this pic was taken at an event in London earlier this year) 

Samsung kick-started the curved TV revolution earlier this year and has continued along a similar curve at IFA. The tech giant launched 17 curved sets in Berlin - and here's why you should care.

A curved screen TV is a flatscreen television that curves inwards at both sides.

The curved screen technology is designed to provide a more cinematic experience in the home. Hollywood cinematographer John Mathieson said the curved screen 'pulls you into the picture' when speaking at a Samsung curved TV launch event in London this year.

Curved TVs generally boast 4K screens, however they are also available in LED.

Here some curved TVs we loved at IFA


1) Samsung 105-inch 4K UHD curved TV

Samsung Curved UHD TV(105 Inch)

(credit: Samsung) 

Of the 17 curved TVs Samsung launched at IFA, this one was the most eye-catching.

The 105-inch screen will get the best display from the curve thanks to its panoramic scale and 21:9 aspect ratio, which is especially designed to suit widescreen movies. 

Samsung says this allows you to 'enjoy an immersive cinematic experience at home'.

This wider scale gives the 105-inch set a higher resolution than regular 4K UHD TVs, with five times the resolution of full HD.


2) Samsung bendable curved TV

Samsung also launched a 105-inch TV that can go from flat panel to curved at the push of a button. Samsung says this bendable TV gives people 'total control over how they watch TV'.

This TV also has the same 21:9 aspect ratio as the 4K UHD curved TV.

3) Living-room friendly curved TVs

If you like the idea of a curved TV but live in a normal-sized house, you'll be pleased to know Samsung also unveiled them in more living-room friendly sizes like 48- and 55-inch.

And as well as 4K UHD, they are also available in regular - and cheaper - LED.

4K OLED at IFA - why you should care

OLED was the other major new TV technology making a big appearance at IFA. Manufacturers say it creates deeper blacks and whiter whites, and experts agree.

OLED stands for organic light-emitting diode, meaning it has tiny LED lights that turn themselves on and off without the need for a backlight.

LG is the firm most associated with OLED technology, and at IFA 2014 it unveiled TVs that merge OLED with 4K.

LG dedicated a major chunk of its IFA stand to advertising 4K OLED TVs. The manufacturer also showed off a concept 8K TV, for those interested in the future, future tech.