The future is now with LG’s curved OLED TV

If you thought OLED was the future wait ‘til you see it curved!

If you thought OLED was the future wait 'til you see it curved!

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LG's Curved OLED TV knocked our socks off at IFA Berlin and now the experience is heading straight for your living room.
Yep, The new LG 55inch curved OLED TV  is exclusively available at Currys PC World, and after seeing the technology at both IFA and the International CES we can tell you you're in for a treat.
Expect a picture that delivers the deepest blacks thanks to OLED technology. No backlight is required so when pixels are switched off they're truly black.
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But the headline feature is the distinctive curved screen, which means you'll get the best viewing angle when settling down with your family to watch X Factor - whether you're in prime position in the centre or have been farmed out to an isolated armchair.
It works by making sure your eyes are equal distance from all parts of the screen, see.


Also expect programmes to awaken your senses like never before thanks to four colour pixel technology which gives the most natural colour contrast we've ever seen. 
A great picture also needs great sound - you wouldn't put a Paul Smith suit in the tumble drier, would you? A 2:1 clear (that's right - clear!) speak system perfectly complements your epic viewing experience.

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Did we tell you the TV was ultra-thin too?
Most TVs are these days, you'll say - and you'd be right. However there's thin and there's thin, and with OLED technology doing away with the need for a backlight, the TV is only 4.5mm thick and pretty much bezel free.


It's slim enough to give those sauntering down the catwalk at London Fashion Week a run for their money and give you kudos among your more stylish friends. 
But as pretty as it looks this LG is all about the picture.

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Dan Hastings, Head of Category for Vision Products at Dixons Retail, said:
"We have been working with LG for a long time on  the launch of their  OLED TVs. The LG 55EA980 was the world's first curved OLED TV when it launched in Korea and we are now delighted to be the first retailer able to bring it to UK consumers. It is the thinnest 55inch OLED TV we have seen with incredibly vibrant and detailed picture quality. I recommend a visit to one of the five stores demonstrating this amazing product this weekend. You won't be disappointed."

The future is here - get ahead of the curve by checking it out at one of our LG curved OLED TV in-store demonstrations.