TVs set to dominate CES 2014

The CES tech show in Las Vegas will unveil the TVs set to rock our worlds next year and beyond - here´s our round up of the rumours...

24 Dec 2013


After gorging yourself on repeats of Only Fools and Horses, Boxing Day football and fifty or so films, you may have had your fill of TV for a while.

But telly addicts should stay tuned in early January as the CES tech show in Las Vegas will unveil the TVs set to rock our worlds next year and beyond.

TVs have been a major part of CES since the trade show began in the 60s, and this year will be no different.
Last year was all about the unveiling of 4K - TVs with four times the resolution of regular full HD sets, so what will 2014 hold?

Tech Talk will be there to give you the lowdown on the top tellies coming out of Nevada (check out last year's CES coverage, here). But in the meantime, here's our rumour mill round up…

Huge 105-inch TVs with curved screens from LG and Samsung

Curved UHD TV(105)

Both LG and Samsung are set to showcase TVs with vast, 105-inch curved, 4K screens. You may struggle for wall-space with such a telly, but with a picture this breathtaking such practical thinking goes out of the window.

Both tellies will pack in 11 million pixels - more than the eight million we expect from regular 4K. They also use an aspect ratio of 21:9.

In-kyu Lee, vice president and head of LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company's TV division, said: "Claiming the world's first and the world's largest titles, LG's 105UB9 employs cutting-edge technology to provide a truly unique viewing experience."

Meanwhile Samsung says its set creates a picture which is "twice as vivid" as earlier 4K models.

Flexible OLED TVs

We were left gasping at CES 2013 after LG debuted its curved OLED TV but at CES 2014 the concept of curved OLED gets even more flexible - literally. Both LG and Samsung are expected to unveil OLED TVs with curved screens that can also bend.

OLED TVs are pencil thin and have LEDs which switch themselves on and off - meaning you can expect darker, deeper blacks.   
According to a report in the Korean Times, the TVs will feature screens that can be adjusted at the push of a button to offer the best viewing angle depending on where you are sat.

Smart TVs get even smarter with better voice and motion control

Samsung Voice And Motion

Smart TV is all about watching catch-up TV via Netflix, Lovefilm and the iPlayer, and Samsung will announce at CES how this is being made easier with its 2014 range.

It has improved its voice and motion control on the smart TVs set to be unveiled in Vegas.

With them people can change channel, volume and other things just by moving their fingers.
Voice control gets easier, too.

Instead of having to say 'channel change, channel number' you'll switch programmes with a mere 'channel number' command.

Enjoy Netflix in 4K

Samsung S9 UHD TV (2)

As we've already said, 4K is the future of TV - offering four times the resolution of regular HD. One of the main gripes around 4K has been the lack of content, however that's about to change. At CES 2014, Netflix is expected to announce plans to broadcast shows in 4K.

Earlier this month it revealed that House of Cards 2 would be made in 4K, but CES will see announcements on 4K content from Netflix and 'major TV vendors'. This means you could soon be watching 4K shows via Netflix on your smart TV…

This is what we're expecting to see from the world of TVs at CES - but stay tuned to Tech Talk from Jan 7-11 to find out what we actually do see - and join the chat using #CurrysAtCES