Top 10 TV Chefs

Here at Currys, we absolutely love a spot of cooking. So very little gets us more excited than settling down in front of a big plasma TV to watch a cooking programme or two.

Here at Currys, we absolutely love a spot of cooking. So very little gets us more excited than settling down in front of a big plasma TV to watch a cooking program or two. In honour of this much-loved pastime, we've decided to create a list of our favourite cooking shows that grace our screens every week:

Saturday Kitchen

After a big Friday night out, there's nothing better than a hearty breakfast. That's where Saturday kitchen comes in. Hosted by the talented James Martin, it's a light hearted Saturday morning show, with a host of celebrity guests that has been going strong for years. It is jam packed with some great Saturday morning recipes as well as the infamous Omelette Challenge. 

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John Torode and Greg Wallace do a fantastic job presenting this show that has now become iconic, with its own live exhibition too. After many spin off's across the world, the UK version still remains the most popular and best executed. The aim is simple: people compete against each every week to win. It's always filled with a lot of drama and tears, as well as some great competitive cooking.

Great British Bake Off

Great British Bake Off

Where else on the TV can you see contestants praying to their ovens? This is one of our favourites, and it's always nice to see the competitors become good friends during the course of the show. It's another show filled with a lot of drama and tears and always has the audience hooked. GBBO also does a great job encouraging more baking across the nation - a great excuse to use your ovens.  

Nigella Lawson

Nigella is another family favourite, with her delicious looking meals and great cooking tips. She, again, adds her personality to all her shows and books, making you want to get in the kitchen and try your hand at all those recipes. Her 'How to be a Domestic Goddess' book is a particularly good book, with some great tips and tricks. And we all know Christmas isn't Christmas without a good Nigella show on TV.

Come Dine With Me

Cooking has never been funnier than it is with Come Dine With Me. Put four strangers in group and ask them to cook for each other, a different host each night, and it's bound to make good TV. Everything from food allergies, to flirting and awkward table conversations takes place, alongside the brilliant narration of the hilarious Dave Lamb. The ultimate highlight is all the different evening entertainment that contestants come up with.

Man V Food

Man V Food

One of the greatest mysteries in the world is how Adam Richman, the Man V Food, presenter can eat so much, and not put on weight. This is food entertainment at its best. Richman goes across the US, from the largest restaurants to the hidden gems in the smallest towns, sampling the best food and taking part in food challenges. Challenges include everything from eating the chilliest chillies to the heaviest steaks, all within a time frame, just to make it more exciting. This is a show that gets the viewer at home on the edge of the set as the timers count down.

Jamie Oliver

Family man Jamie Oliver is a firm favourite for viewers. He brings his personality in to his shows the way no other chef does. Everything from filming in his house to letting his kids on the show gives the show a great family feel that he does so well. Alongside his healthier meals in schools campaigns, and easy 15 minutes meals, Jamie is the chef we all wish we lived with. He makes cooking and using those cookers look so easy that it makes you want to cook!

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Gordon Ramsay

Who doesn't know Gordon Ramsay? Known for his temper and expletives on his shows, he's become another household name in the world of cooking. But don't let his temper overshadow him because he is good at what he does. His restaurants are some of the best in the world and he talks a lot of sense in his TV shows. His Kitchen Nightmares shows are the most entertaining to watch and the American version are definitely something else to watch.

Ace of Cakes


If it's a good baking show you're after, Ace of Cakes stands out for sure. Following Duff Goldman and his cake shop, Charm City Cakes, watching just one episode will certainly get your stomachs growling and your mouth watering. Episode after episode of beautiful cakes and elaborate designs, the unique looking cakes will be bound to have you hooked on the show. Some of the final pieces are so over the top and well made that you'll be sitting there wondering whether or not it is actually a cake.

Sunday Brunch

Last but not least, a show about our favourite meal of the week: Sunday Brunch. With the brilliant Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer as hosts, it's a fun Sunday Morning cooking show that once again features celebrity guests and easy cooking tips.  

And there you have it, our favourite chefs and TV cooking shows. Definitely give them a look for inspiration on cooking and tips on how to use your kitchen appliances and particularly those ovens that you've been wondering what to do with. 

What's your favourite cooking show? Let us know in the comments...