What’s so awesome about Smart TV?

Internet connected telly is one of our favourite advances in vision technology. Here´s why Smart TV is so cool...

14 Mar 2012


Blimey - haven't we got enough to be getting excited about already? There are now bigger and clearer screens to put a smile on your face, let alone HD, and even 3D pictures - so what could possibly be so noteworthy about Smart TV?

Well, we're excited about Smart TV because it offers more than just a wow-factor and better pictures; it gives us a whole new set of toys to play with. Cool new sets like the Samsung Series 6 range let you download apps and surf the web as you'd expect, but it'll even recommend TV shows to you.Samsung 3D Smart TV

Trawling through the TV listings can be a bit of a gip, added to the fact you're wasting valuable television-watching time by scrolling through the guide. Samsung has got it covered with their search function, which helps you find the shows you want and points you towards related web content.

The Samsung Series 6 Full HD LED 3D Smart TV even reflects your tastes by recommending movie clips and TV shows on Your Video. A TV that learns what you like? We could get used to this. More awe-inspiring documentaries like Frozen Planet or just more The Only Way Is Essex, whatever you desire.

If you tend to watch TV with your laptop on, ready to tweet about who should be kicked off The X Factor next, then Samsung's Smart TV should be a godsend.

No more glancing between your TV screen and the laptop, worried you might miss something. But the Samsung Series 6 range has thought of that - it's got Social TV, so you can check your Facebook, Twitter and Google accounts while watching the box.

Added to that you can check your emails and surf the net, which is ideal if you want to show off that funny video on YouTube to your mates… Fenton! Fenton! FENTON!

Perhaps one of the best Smart TV tools is Skype, especially during the holidays. If you both line up your dining tables just right, with this big screen, calling on Skype while you enjoy your Christmas/Birthday/holiday dinner will be the same as being there… minus the nasty side effects of Brussels sprouts.