Why 2016 TVs are sharper and smarter than ever before

This year is a brilliant time to buy a new TV thanks to host of amazing new technologies…

05 Apr 2016


Whether you’re talking about a car, house, TV or fridge – there are good and not-so-good times to make those big-ticket purchases.

And when it comes to buying a new TV, 2016 is one of those good times. Why? A host of new technologies have made TVs sharper and smarter than ever before.


The arrival of HDR on your 4K UHD TV

HDR, or high dynamic range, was the TV technology of the CES 2016 tech show in Las Vegas. Many of our new high-end 4K UHD TVs feature it.

It takes the 8 million pixels of a 4K TV and makes them even better. How? By vastly increasing its range of colours to over 1 billion, and creating brighter whites and deeper blacks (greater contrast).

Expect detail in dark, shadowy scenes and bright vibrancy in lighter scenes. We stock 4K HDR TVs from Sony, Samsung, LG and Panasonic.

And it’s not just 4K TVs, new OLED telly sets from LG also benefit from HDR. Why football deserves HDR


4K and OLED in a single TV  

OLED and 4K are the major TV technologies of the past couple of years. OLED is a type of screen, whereas 4K is a screen resolution (the number of pixels that make up the picture).

Initially you went with either a 4K UHD TV or an OLED TV. But LG has given you the option to enjoy the best of both worlds with 4K OLED TV.

They deliver the deep, inky blacks and brilliant whites of an OLED screen with the added detail and depth of a 4K resolution.

4K OLED or 4K HDR – which is right for you?


Quantum Dots challenge 4K OLED

OLED TVs have been seen as superior to 4K UHD televisions, but a new type of screen technology used in many high-end 4K TVs is starting to change that.

Quantum dots are used in Samsung’s premium SUHD TVs. They use LED displays like regular 4K TVs, but include a layer of tiny crystals that can create a much wider range of colours and can reach incredible levels of brightness.

Samsung says its quantum dot display offers the ‘most true-to-life picture quality, with stunning brightness, exceptional contrast and the most lifelike colours ever offered by Samsung’. There you go – check out Samsung’s SUHD TVs. 

Watching TV

Truly beautiful televisions

TVs used to be quite ugly things with huge boxy designs. Style-savvy folk hid them behind cabinets and curtains. The advent of flat-screen TVs changed all that.

Now with the latest 4K and OLED TVs we’ve reached a point where TVs are style statements in themselves. Something to be shown off not only for the picture quality but also for the design.

Take the elegant, curved screens on Samsung’s 4K HDR TVs. The screen looks quite beautiful, but also creates a more cinematic feel when watching.

A TV’s bezel is the frame around the picture, and this Samsung TV features a bezel-less display for something that’s immersive to watch and incredibly stylish – with an edge-to-edge picture.

The top of the range OLED TVs from LG, the G6 and the E6, are the world’s thinnest TVs - no thicker than 4 credit cards stacked in a pile.

Some LG OLED TVs can even display paintings when not being watched – using the exceptional OLED picture quality to show a Van Gogh.


Much smarter Smart TVs

Buy a high-end large-screen TV from us this year and it’ll most likely be Smart. This means as well as being a regular TV, it also connects to the internet to stream Netflix, Amazon, iPlayer and such like.

Samsung, Sony and LG have all made their Smart TVs more fluid and easy to use this year. Access to Google Play Store, PlayStation Now and Freeview Play are among the cool features that await - depending which you choose.

Find your perfect Smart TV with our guide to LG, Samsung and Sony