Why football is better in 4K by footie legend Ian Wright

Arsenal legend Ian Wright gives us his opinion on the weekend’s football and the radio and TV, so we asked him what he thought about football on a 4K telly. Here’s what he said…

12 Apr 2016


Ian Wright was one of the best, most-respected footballers of his generation. Best known for his days at Arsenal, he scored more than 110 goals in a glittering career. 

Since then he’s become an incredibly popular pundit, working on TV and radio and in the press. His opinion is valued by the countless listeners who ring into his BBC radio show.

But what does he think about 4K UHD TV?

We invited ‘Wrighty’ to watch Spurs take on Chelsea on a 4K UHD telly.  4K TVs need 4K content for the best possible experience, and the match was broadcast on dedicated 4K channel BT Sport Ultra HD.

The footballing legend said he’d heard a lot about 4K TVs, but wanted to find out ‘whether you really do get that exciting, immersive experience’.


What is a 4K TV?

4K UHD is the biggest TV technology around. If you’re considering buying a new TV for the football this summer, it’ll likely be 4K UHD.

The TVs have a picture that’s 4 times sharper than Full HD sets. They pack in 8 million pixels compared to the 2 million of HD tellies. This means more detail, more depth and more definition.

Over the past year they have become much cheaper to buy, and are available in more living-room-friendly sizes.

When the first 4K UHD TVs launched they cost thousands of pounds. But now you can buy one from under £500.

What did Wrighty reckon to 4K?

‘I’m a television guy,’ says Wright. ‘So I want the latest.’

So, does 4K measure up?

‘Now I’ve seen 4K I’ve definitely got to get one,’ he says. ‘You can genuinely see the difference in clarity.’

‘Especially when it goes really close you do genuinely look at the faces of the players and even the fans’ faces it is very, very clear.’

‘It has definitely gone to another level, you do genuinely realise that when you’re watching.’

He’s not the only one to think this. Reviewers have talked about how, when compared to 4K, regular HD pictures look average.

Your picture will be packed with detail and have more depth. It’ll be much sharper too.

When a 4K UHD TV is combined with 4K broadcasts, such as on BT Sport Ultra HD, the results are incredibly good.

Even when watching in HD, the picture will be better on a 4K TV. That’s because they have built-in upscaling technology that make regular content look much sharper.    

So if you’re watching this summer’s football on a 4K TV on BBC HD or ITV HD channels, it’ll look great. 

Keep up with the Joneses with 4K UHD

‘I’ve got very competitive mates,’ says Wright, echoing a story that will be found from factory floor to office block over the coming months.

He says his mates will probably be getting 4K TVs for summer.

‘We’re going to be very competitive with each other, and I want to make sure I’ve got one so as I’ve got the best television’. 

Are your mates planning on a new TV for the Euros? Don’t want to get left behind? Find out all about 4K UHD TVs to suit different budgets.

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