Why London 2012 will be a great TV event

The Olympic Games is one of the world’s great TV events. That’s just as well really, given so many of us failed to secure a single ticket for London 2012.

The Aquatics Centre is ready for Olympic action – are you?

But this is no time to grumble, it’s time to look forward to enjoying every last second of the Olympic fortnight with our TVs, radios and laptops.

It just doesn’t come any bigger than the Games. A staggering 984 million people around the world tuned into the opening ceremony of Beijing 2008 – making it the biggest television audience in history.

With up to 12 different sporting events taking place simultaneously, finding out what you want to watch and when it is on should be an Olympic sport in itself.

Busy schedule

The BBC has already released an at-a-glance schedule of when each event is on, highlighting sessions where medals are at stake, so you can sit down and begin to circle your must-see sports now.

But unless you’ve really got nothing else on for the summer, you’ll need to be selective about what you watch. The BBC says it will carry more than 2,000 hours of video on its website, so if you’re at work when your favourite event is on TV, you can catch up on your laptop.

In fact, with a host of interactive elements and blanket online coverage, you’ll be spoilt for choice. But whether any of London 2012 will be broadcast in 3D is still unclear.

Third dimension

Fresh from dipping its toes into 3D broadcasting at Wimbledon, the BBC has said it is keen to show at least some of the Olympic Games in 3D. However, whether there will be any 3D TV feeds depends on host broadcaster Olympic Broadcasting Services. OBS had not commented on the possibility of the first 3D Games at the time of writing.

Despite the uncertainty over 3D coverage, the British public seem convinced that 3D will be the watershed moment for 3D viewing at home. Some 37% people are considering getting a 3D TV in time for London 2012, according to research by LG.

Can you think of anything that would look more dramatic in 3D than the men’s 100m final? Watch out – Usain Bolt is about to burst through your screen!

But even in 2D, the Olympic Games provides us with so many great TV moments. Cast your mind back to previous Olympics with heroes like Chris Hoy, Denise Lewis and Steve Redgrave (again and again…) – now’s the chance for fresh icons to be added to the list.

So it could be Jessica Ennis stealing the show in the heptathlon, Tom Daley diving to gold in cracking style or Shanaze Reade leaving the competition in her wake on the BMX that wows us… but hopefully it’ll be all three, and a whole lot more.

Are you looking forward to watching London 2012 on TV? What event are you eager to see? Comment below or tweet @DixonsinTheKnow