Why your flat-screen is so green

If you've treated yourself to a new flat-screen television in the last couple of years then I would guess that energy efficiency was not the factor that convinced you to replace your big old CRT unit.

Yes, 3D is very cool - but make sure it's energy efficient, too!

Space saving? Yes. More attractive? Certainly. Better picture quality? Absolutely.

All three are very good reasons to go out and buy a new LED TV. But a new report has underlined a green benefit of flat-screen TVs that may give you cause to pat yourself on the back, or give into temptation and order that new model.

A modern day "42LED TV costs just £14 to run a year, according to energy efficiency website Sust-it, compared to the wallet-aching £80 it would cost to run a plasma TV from 2006 at today's energy prices.

That's unanimously good news for anyone with an LED TV, considering that energy prices seem to be going up and up. A new flat-screen TV might look like an extravagant purchase at first, but it could end up paying for itself after a few years.

Lower your bills

With utility suppliers announcing price rises with a depressing regularity, it makes more sense than ever to buy energy efficient products. Just how much will a greener TV save you after the next round of electricity rate increases?

More than 9.5 million flat screen TVs were sold in the UK last year, so more people will benefit from energy efficient technology… although I would guess it's the super picture quality and not the TV's green credentials that prompted most purchases.

If you've had a taste of the green life and fancy some more, then the government's new energy saving rating labels will be right up your street. By the end of the year, they will be attached to every washing machine, dishwasher, fridge freezer and TV in the shops.

New ratings

Products with a dark green 'A' rating are the most energy efficient, while those with a nasty red 'G' rating can be expected to create quite a large carbon footprint.

More ratings will be added as manufacturers find innovative new ways to cut the amount of power needed to run their appliances. Who will be the first to justify an outstanding A+++ rating?

When you're looking for a new television for your living room, finding the most energy efficient model might not be the number one thing you look for - but with the savings that newer models are able to deliver, it's certainly worth keeping an eye on the energy ratings.

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