What a feeling! Tell us your favourite football memories

We want to hear your best stories and favourite memories of watching past matches with your friends and family ahead of the football finals this summer!

27 May 2014


Football Memories

We're now only a few weeks from another fantastic summer of sport and at Currys PC World we're gearing up by reminiscing over our favourite memories of summers past.

To help us out, we want to hear the very best of your stories from when you've been watching the football in the past, with family or friends. We'll be counting down with our favourite memories in the coming weeks so feel free to contribute in the comments section below!


Do you remember a particularly awful kit which still sticks in your mind? Do you still get goosebumps when you think of a particular match or incident? Or do you have a more personal memory, like eccentric celebrations by your friends before finding out a goal has been disallowed? We want to hear from you!

Although the football is obviously a big focus this summer, we think the experiences are made all the richer by the opportunity to sit down and spend some quality time with your family. What better way to share your delight, or despair, than with the people you know best?


Of course, the best way to prepare for the summer ahead is to make sure you've got the perfect technology in your house for the occasion. If you're not prepared yet, take a look at our range of smart, 3D and ultra HD Large Screen TVs at Currys.

You should also take a look at our #FootyFibs infographic to see the best excuses some of our fans have used to convince their families they need a new TV for summer!


So let us know which memories are really helping to build your excitement ahead of the football this summer! Feel free to contribute below with your best stories or photos and we will include our favourites in a blog post in the coming weeks!


Football Memories


If you're still stuck for how to watch the football this summer, take a look at our TV Buying Guide.