What to watch on your 4k TV

Can’t find anything to watch on your new 4K TV? Use our tool to find the latest ultra high definition content from Amazon, Netflix and the rest of the web.

23 May 2016



Just bought yourself a brand-spanking new 4K TV and looking for something to watch? Well, finding killer 4K content isn’t as easy as you’d think. Streaming services such as Amazon and Netflix offer a limited number of 4K series and films, and hunting them down can be a difficult task.

That’s why we’ve created a handy tool that scours the web so you don’t have to. With our helpful generator, you can now find the latest 4K programmes, movies and video content out there, in only a few simple steps.

So if you’ve already binge-watched Better Call Saul or completed a marathon of House of Cards , don’t worry – there are still more gripping TV series to watch. Whether it’s nail-biting drama or a thrilling movie you’re after, our tool will have you parked in front of the TV for hours.   

So how does it work?

It’s pretty simple to get started. Just head over to our What can I watch in 4K? tool and select the type of content you’re in the mood for. Once you’ve picked a genre and format, you’ll find a whole host of great content to watch from Amazon, Netflix and YouTube.

Fancy some stunning 4K nature footage? We’ve got tons for you to choose from. Looking for the latest edge-of-your-seat US drama? We’ve got that too. So if you’re planning the perfect night in with your 4K TV, check out our What can I watch in 4K? tool.

And if you're watching 4K YouTube content on your TV, remember to update your viewing settings. Look for the small cog at the bottom of the video. Click on it, and it'll let you switch to a higher 4K resolution.  

Or if you’re still deciding which 4K TV to buy, we’ve got tons of info that can help. Which 4K TV is right for you is a handy guide to the different brands and sizes on offer. Or you can browse the wide range of 4K TVs now available at Currys.