What your favourite TV show reveals about you

24 May 2017


We all have a favourite Netflix, Amazon or TV show that we can’t just get enough of. But did you know that your go-to telly series could reveal some amusing insights about you?

A new study by Currys PC World and Samsung on the nation’s viewing habits found that audiences of 2017’s biggest TV shows have surprisingly different tastes, hobbies and backgrounds.

The research found that Game of Thrones fans tend to live in the North and that the average Orange is the New Black fan, weirdly, loves wrestling. It also revealed that Made in Chelsea viewers are ultra-concerned with their looks - they’re more likely to think “it’s important to look attractive”. What’s more, typical GBBO fans love knitting, Corrie viewers can’t get enough of beans on toast and the average Planet Earth fan enjoys hillwalking, nature and animals. 

Currys PC World and Samsung both know a thing or two about what goes into a great TV. But when teaming up for our latest piece of research, we wanted to find out about the people on the other side of the small screen. Plus, we wanted to discover some weird and wonderful facts about the UK’s TV audiences.

Our study of UK viewing habits was compiled using YouGov’s Profiles Tool, a searchable database of the hobbies, interests, age and locations of different TV show audiences. Using survey data from over 200,000 respondents, the information was carefully analysed to uncover amusing insights into TV viewers up and down the country.

The study also found:

Great British Bake Off fans can’t resist honeycomb, knit in their spare time and bizarrely, love diving.

House of Cards fans are a high-brow lot. They’re political hacks, more likely to own a pet bird and think they’re more sophisticated than other people.

Planet Earth viewers are typical English gentlemen, like the legendary David Attenborough himself. They’re on average: male, aged 55+, and love hillwalking, puzzles and crosswords.

Made in Chelsea viewers are most likely to live in London and agree that “it’s important to look physically attractive.”

Coronation Street fans are most likely to be female, live in the North and love beans on toast.

Orange is the New Black fans are into wrestling, soufflés and “would consider plastic surgery.”

Game of Thrones viewers have a lot in common with the show’s leading heartthrob Jon Snow: they’re male, aged 25-39 and live in the North. But instead of a dire wolf, the average viewer would call a cat his favourite furry friend.


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