Which 4K TV is right for me?

Binge-watch Netflix and usher in the 2018/19 football season in style. Read our guide to the best 4K TVs from Samsung, LG and Sony…

Which 4K TV is right for me?

What is a 4K TV?

4K TVs are a new generation of televisions. They have 4 times the pixels compared to your current HD TV screen – which means 4 times the level of detail in the picture you see.

With more and more 4K compatible content being created, you can enjoy amazing visuals from shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Sky Q – plus regular TV gets a serious picture quality upgrade.

Last season, Sky Sports broadcast football matches in 4K Ultra HD – so look forward to getting amongst the action from the comfort of your living room as the 2018/19 season gets under way in August.


What about HDR and UHD?

These are the two latest and coolest TV tech developments. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, and UHD is Ultra High Definition.

HDR boosts the contrast ratio and colour accuracy of your TV – basically making it brighter and with super detailed contrast between back, white and colours.

Netflix, Amazon Prime and Ultra HD Blu-ray all combine 4K content with HDR, and the BBC iPlayer has already experimented with it in a clip of Planet Earth II.

UHD comes from 4K digital cinema, in a living room TV-friendly version. It’s all about making your TV’s display as clean, crisp and sharp as possible.

Sony TVs


Sony has designed some clever technology to deliver the best 4K picture quality and get the best from HDR.

The Motionflow XR means that you can make the most of fast-paced scenes, because a smooth picture is always created – this creates a more cinematic experience when watching the vivid colours of your favourite superheroes tackling baddies in explosive action sequences.

When you’re watching regular HD content, your 4K TV will upscale it to near-4K quality. Sony’s latest 4K HDR X1 processor offers some of the smoothest upscaling around, so you see the most realistic image yet.

HDR formats supported: HDR (Netflix 4K, Amazon Video 4K, PlayStation Video and Google Play)


What’s it like to use?

Sony TVs run Google’s Android TV software. This gives you familiar Android features, with a custom homepage and access to the Google Play Store. Plus, the added extra of voice control via the remote makes it even easier to change the channel or settings.

What can I watch on a Sony TV? Freeview Play, YouView and more

Sony Tvs

How will it look in my living room?

Luckily, the latest tech doesn’t mean a hulking great TV set. Sony’s latest premium TVs are chic and stylish looking - the thin, black design looks great in any room and you can keep you room clutter-free with the built-in cable storage at the back.


Check out the LED option from Sony…

Take it to the next level with the Sony Bravia XF9005. The added realism that 4K Ultra HD brings to films and football matches makes you feel like you’re right there in the stands.

Sony Xf90

Combined with LED backlighting, enhanced contrast adds to the drama and tension, making everything look as dazzling as it does in real life.

Colour without depth is something that you don’t have to worry about with the flagship X1 Extreme processor working behind the screen – optimum contrast is brought to every frame – bringing greater texture to the screen. This means that nature documentaries and scenic landscapes are truly blended.

And, for the times when you’re watching something high-speed, the X-Motion Clarity makes sure that images are as detailed as if they were standing still – brilliant for F1 races or dramatic battle scenes.

HDR formats supported: HDR (Netflix 4K, Amazon Video 4K, PlayStation Video and Google Play)


Why not try….

The Sony Bravia XF9 will deliver an excellent picture whatever you’re watching on its 65-inch screen.

Get the Sony Bravia XF9005

Samsung TV


Samsung is the world’s biggest TV maker. Its QLED TVs combine 4K resolution with quantum dots – tiny crystals added to the TV screen. They take the added depth and detail of 4K and provide a much wider colour range – over one billion colours – and increased brightness.

Q Colour, Q Contrast and QHDR make for fantastic image quality. The TV reaches much brighter levels with Q Colour compared to any other television. This keeps colours vibrant, even when brightness is increased, with 100% colour volume - making film nights more vivid than ever before.

The Q Contrast uses local dimming technology to deepen black colours on dark areas of your screen – enhancing what your eyes can see.

Finally, QHDR brings a richness to the 4K UHD screen – the detail and texture adds to rich storytelling at pivotal moments, whether on the pitch or in the latest box set.

HDR formats supported: HDR10+ (Netflix 4K and Amazon Video 4K)


What’s it like to use?

Samsung TVs run the Smart Hub operating system. Switch between apps and channels using a bar on the bottom of the screen.

Aside from Netflix, what can I watch on a Samsung TV?

How will it look in my living room?

How will it look in my living room?

The QLED models are incredibly beautiful TVs, made with premium materials. The minimalist design looks clean from every angle, and, thanks to the single optical cable and One Connect Box, cable clutter is kept out of sight.


Why not try…

Samsung Q7

The Samsung QLED Q7, which is 4K Ultra HD Premium Certified, delivers incredible picture quality on its 55-inch screen.



Premium LG TVs combine 4K HDR resolution with OLED screen technology. An OLED screen doesn’t need a backlight. It forgoes the backlight because its pixels can create their own light– shutting each one off for total blackness when needed.

This means you can have perfect black and brilliant white pixelsside by side. They create the deepest, inkiest blacks around – a huge indicator of TV picture quality. Nasa says they’re great for replicating the ‘real experience of being in space’.

With these deep blacks, LG OLED TVs get the best from HDR. All powered by LG’s Alpha 9 Intelligent Processor – expect reduced noise, improved clarity and a depth to the richly detailed shadowy scenes – experience movies as the director intended. Combined with the high frame rates – action in the films or on the pitch is super smooth.

HDR formats supported: HDR10 (Netflix 4K and Amazon Video 4K),Dolby Vision (Hollywood movie studios), Technicolour

What's it like to use?

What’s it like to use?

LG TVs run the webOS operating system. This is incredibly easy to set up and use. Your channels and apps are placed in a custom homepage for full interaction. ThinQ AI gives added enjoyment as it can listen, think and give an answer to your questions – plus use the voice command to search for the latest show you need to catch up on.

What can I watch on an LG TV? Now TV, Freeview Play and more


How will it look in my living room?

The latest LG OLED TVs look incredibly chic. The frame around the screen is near invisible.


Why not try…


The LG C8 takes this superb picture quality (and chic design) and adds Dolby Atmos surround sound to create a true movie theatre experience at home.

Get the LG C8


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