Why football deserves HDR TV

With a big summer of football ahead of us you’ll want to be viewing the beautiful game in all its glory. Here’s why we think it’s the perfect sport for HDR… 

13 Apr 2018


Why football deserves HDR TV

HDR – aka high dynamic range – is a must-have if you’re investing in a 4K UHD TV for this summer’s big football tournament.

While sport isn’t yet being shown on terrestrial channels in HDR, it won’t be long before it is. Here’s what you need to know about the latest TV tech…


How it works

It works alongside 4K to give a greater contrast between light and dark – so you get to see detail even in the shadows – and delivers a broader spectrum of colours that are as close as you can get to real life.

All you need to enjoy it is a TV that’s HDR compatible – which many 4K UHD TVs are. Check these ones out

and HDR encoded TV and video content. You’ll need an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc and Blu-ray player or access to Netflix and Amazon – both of which stream HDR shows and movies.

The BBC is also well on the road to providing HDR content and has produced a trial programme – Blue Planet II – in this format. Find out more here

You may not be able to watch this summer’s football tournament in HDR, but here’s what we’ve got to look forward to when HDR comes to sport…

The beautiful game in beautiful colour

The beautiful game full of beautiful colour

Football is a colourful game – the pitch is green, the sky is blue (sometimes!) and team kits come in a myriad of colours.

4K HDR TV gives a greater range of colours than non-HDR telly. It offers more than a billion colour combinations all displayed with super-sharp accuracy.

So everything from shirts and the stands to players’ boots and pundits’ ties will be bursting with colour.


Atmospheric night games

Evening kick-offs are all about bright floodlights and inky black skies. But that atmosphere can sometimes get lost when watching the big game from home.

One of the big perks of HDR is the definition and contrast it delivers. In HDR floodlights would shine as bright as the real thing, and the black sky beyond would be deep, inky black. The perfect contrast against the floodlit pitch.

How do you find a HDR TV

How do you find a HDR TV?

Many new 4K UHD TVs – from the likes of Samsung, Sony, LG and Panasonic –are all HDR compatible. Look out for TV titles with 4K Ultra HD HDR in them.


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